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Using Liquid Rubber Is Easy!
If you have an EPDM roof that needs repairs, it’s easy to do with liquid rubber. As epdm, a liquid rubber application to your existing roof system is going to have the exact same level of durability and weather resistance.
Use of Liquid Rubber EPDM Roof Coating
Most important, you’ need a container of liquid rubber; can be easily locate at a hardware store and EPDM roller, which you’ll use for the liquid rubber application on your roof. Finally, you may want to consider investing in some cleaning supplies and masking tape if you don’t already have a supply of those things. Wait for a decent day to make the repairs to your roof, pick a day where it will be comfortable for you to be working outside.
3 Easy Steps

  • Clean your roof, if the surface isn’t cleaned beforehand.

  • Apply the liquid rubber: evenly as possible.

  • Let it dry: 24 hours to dry and bond correctly with the EPDM roofing system.

Making an application of liquid rubber for the purpose of roof repairs is incredibly easy! If you want, always hire a licensed and capable contractor to make the repairs with liquid rubber for you.


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