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How to Find the Leak in your Roof

When roof has sprung a leak roof, can be easily repaired, just got to know what to do. The first step is to locate the source of the leak, the place where the water is entering the building or getting in.

Consider possible places that might be causing the leak in your roof.

In some cases, the offending spot may be obvious, a shingled roof, you might notice a spot where the shingles have either been worn down or blown off entirely. You can use a water hose to wet suspected spots on your roof. Do not make the problem worse.

How to Repair a Leak in Your Roof

After locating the source of the leak, you need to conduct a replacement and want to remove the offending shingles and clear any debris that’s in the area. Replace the shingles with ones of the equivalent size, nail them into place, and make sure that you cover the sites where the nails entered the shingle with some kind of adhesive or sealant. If the leak has sprung around flashing, then you should replace the offending flashing. Call for assistance if repairing your leaky roof is more complex let a contractor take care of it for you; they have the expertise and know-how to fix such problems.


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